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Calendar Updated: February 10, 2015 | Feedback
MDTF Activities > Launch of the Serbia Judicial Functional Review in Belgrade

Launch of the Serbia Judicial Functional Review in Belgrade

On February 3rd, 2015, the Supreme Court of Cassation in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Republic Prosecution Office organized an event to launch the Serbia Judicial Functional Review.
Mr. Dragomir Milojević, President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, highlighted that the Functional Review presents systematization of all findings relevant for the judiciary in Serbia and that is a good baseline for future steps. Mr. Čedomir Backović, Assistant Minister of Justice explained that the Functional Review provides a comprehensive assessment of the functioning of the judiciary and highlighted that the Functional Review recommendations will feed into the draft Action Plan for Chapter 23. Mr. Oscar Benedict, deputy head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, emphasized that the Functional Review comes at the start of work under Chapter 23 of the acquis and will provide the baseline for future reform efforts.
Mr. Klaus Decker, Task Team Leader of the MDTF-JSS, Ms. Georgia Harley, Justice Sector Specialist, and Mr. Srdjan Svirčev, Public Sector Specialist, presented on behalf of the MDTF-JSS. They explained the process and methodology of data collection, consultation and preparation of the Functional Review as well as its objective to create a data-rich baseline for Serbia’s accession negotiations under Chapter 23. Functional Review presents analytical document that will enable Serbia and the EU to measure progress in reforms throughout the EU integration process. Ms. Harley and Mr. Svirčev outlined the Functional Review’s main findings and recommendations for improvement of efficiency, quality and access of justice delivery as well as strengthening of the inner workings of the justice system. The presentation can be accessed here
The presentation was attended by over 80 stakeholders, including court presidents, public prosecutors, Judicial Academy, representative of the Ombudsperson, deans of the Law Faculties, judges associations, prosecutors association, judicial assistants association, union of employees in judiciary, Bar Chamber, CSOs, representatives from the OSCE, EU Delegation, USAID funded Separation of Powers Project and USIAD funded Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project, GIZ, SIDA, US Embassy, the Netherlands Embassy, etc.
For the MDTF-JSS, the next step will be further dissemination of the Functional Review and presentations throughout Serbia to all relevant stakeholders.
You can access the Serbia Judicial Functional Review hereThe Functional Review was funded by the MDTF-JSS, which has been established with generous contributions from the EU Delegation in Serbia, the United Kingdom Department for International Development, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.