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MDTF Activities > REPORT ON VISIT TO UN, NEW YORK, USA - JUNE 5-9th 2017


The aim of the visit was to take part in the UN Security Council Session as well as to present recent developments and Serbian position regarding implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy for the Prosecution of War Crimes. In parallel, the expected result of the visit was to get wider picture of the current assessment of the situation and expectations of the SC member states as well as of the ICTY regarding future activities in the field.

Mr Backović, Assistant Minister of Justice and Mrs Kolaković- Bojović, Consultant for the reform of criminal justice system met Mr Milan Milanović, Serbian Ambassador to United Nations and Mr Boris Holovka, Political Officer in the Permanent Serbian Mission to UN in order to prepare Serbian position for the Security Council Session dedicated to semiannual Report of the ICTY, MICT and Prosecutor Bramertz.

The Security Council session dedicated to presentation and discussion of the ICTY and MICT work and progress made with regard prosecution of war crimes committed during the armed conflict in ex Yugoslavia was held on June 7th 2017, 10 a.m.  Mr Backović took part in the discussion and present Serbian position regarding Report.

Mr Čedomir Backović and Mrs Milica Kolaković-Bojović met Mr Serge Brammertz, the Chief Prosecutor of the ICTY and Judge Carmel Agius, President of the ICTY in order to discuss positions of both sides presented day before on the Security Council Session but also to present them recent developments in the field of prosecution of war crimes in Serbia, including election of the new WC prosecutor, strengthening capacities of the WCPO and establishment of the mechanism for the monitoring of the implementation of the National Strategy for the Prosecution of War Crimes.
Mr Čedomir Backović and Mrs Milica Kolaković-Bojović met diplomatic representatives of the Security Council Members in order to present recent activities undertaken in order to improve Serbian cooperation with the ICTY as well as efficiency of the war crimes proceedings before Serbian Courts. Special focus was on establishing of the monitoring mechanism for the National Strategy for Prosecution of War Crimes (NSPWC) which our MDTF/RAFU consultant Mrs Milica Kolaković-Bojović has recently developed. The regional cooperation in resolving opened issues was also one of the important topics.
Having in mind results and conclusions from all meetings during the visit, Mr Backović and Mrs Kolaković-Bojović should work jointly in next few months on setting up the Monitoring Body for the (NSPWC) and its coordination with the monitoring mechanism for the Action Plan for Chapter 23 in order to improve efficiency of the Strategy implementation during the next 6 months period, having in mind that the next report of the ICTY is going to be present to the UN SC on the beginning of the December 2017.