Calendar Updated: July 18, 2019
MDTF Activities > 87 Public Prosecutor’s Offices Websites Officially Launched

87 Public Prosecutor’s Offices Websites Officially Launched

The MDTF-JSS Analysis of Prosecutor’s Offices Websites in the Republic of Serbia revealed that less than 20 percent of Prosecutor’s Offices in 2017 had their website. In September 2017, MDTF-JSS and State Prosecutorial Council (SPC) in cooperation with Republic Public Prosecutor Office initiated development of “Multi-Site System for all Public Prosecutor’s Offices in Serbia”.

Joint efforts of the SPC, individual prosecutor’s offices and World Bank team resulted in the official launched of the system and all 87 Public Prosecutor’s Offices websites are present on the internet. To ensure sustainability of the initiative the core team of 65 IT staff from 87 Prosecutor offices were trained to maintain websites. Development of Multi-Site System was implemented in cooperation with the Office for Information Technology and Government to ensure security and high standards.

With standardized modern design, compatible for all device types, standardized and informative content in line with the best European practice Public Prosecutor’s Offices will improve access to their services and increase transparency of their work.

All websites contain general content, administrated centrally for all web locations and locally maintained content based on single prosecutor’s office inputs. The content is presented in five key categories administrated locally and globally:
  • About Prosecutor’s Office – information on each prosecutor office – history, contact info, prosecutor office structure and organization
  • Information related to citizens and public - news and announcements, ongoing projects, electronic bulletin board, links and FAQs
  • Documents - Laws and regulations, Information and guide books, forms and reports
  • Public Procurements and Job Offerings
  • Public Prosecutors Offices in Serbia – Directory of all Public Prosecutors Offices in Serbia

The MDTF-JSS team will continue to support the SPC and public prosecutor office to improve quality of information and regularly update websites. The SPC will develop Guide for websites which should help public prosecutor offices in creation on news and announcement in order to improve communication with public.