Calendar Updated: November 15, 2019
MDTF Activities > Participation and support to the organization of the Annual Judges Conference in Vrnjačka Banja 2019

Participation and support to the organization of the Annual Judges Conference in Vrnjačka Banja 2019

Background information:

The Supreme Court of Cassation traditionally organized its Annual Judges’ Conference in town of Vrnjačka Banja, from October 9-12, 2019. The Conference focused on recent developments and issues in court practice and the legal framework and exchange of best practices.

This year, the conference was attended by more than 1,400 judges from all Serbian courts, plus independent judicial professionals such as public notaries, enforcement agents and attorneys. Other guests include foreign diplomats and representatives of the EU Delegation, World Bank, OSCE, Council of Europe, USAID and US DoJ, GIZ and other donor organizations.

Program of the Annual Judges' Conference 2019 can be found on the SCC's website :

Guidelines for the implementation of the new Law on Enforcement and Security (2019) – signed by Acting Chief Justice and Minister of Justice

Specific objectives:

The SCC requested that MDTF-JSS consultants Milan Bajić and Andreja Petrović joined the rest of the organizational board and help during the setup/organization and the realization of the conference, with the main events scheduled mostly in ZEPTER Hotel in Vrnjačka Banja
The conference agenda included topics directly related to the to the MDTF-JSS consultants’ scope of activities.
MDTF C&J Specialist Mr. Bajić was involved particularly in support to the:

  • Announcement of the Decision on Courts' Awards, assisted by Consultant, October 10
  • ''Court jurisprudence harmonization through adopted legal views, standpoints and conclusions of  Civil Department of Supreme Court of Cassation", October 10
  • “Supreme Court of Cassation in the Superior Courts Network”, assisted by Consultant, October
  • “Guidelines for the implementation of the new Law on Enforcement and Security (2019) – USAID ''Rule of Law Project'' & ''EU for Serbia – Support to Supreme Court of Cassation'', October 11
  • ''Court jurisprudence harmonization activities of Supreme Court of Cassation Criminal Department", October 11
  • Round Table “Ethics and Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges”, assisted by Consultant, October 11
  • Round Table „Freedom of Expression of Judges“, assisted by Consultant, October 11

 MDTF M&E Specialist Mr. Petrović was particularly involved in the activities during the Annual Conference related to:

  • Announcement of the decision on courts' awards, assisted by Consultant,  October 10
  • Meeting of the Acting President of the Supreme court of Cassation with presidents of courts from Republic of Serbia - Analysis of Courts Performance, October 11
  • Recent ECtHR Jurisprudence and presentation of the Superior Courts Network and cooperation with European Court of Human Rights - ''Supreme Court of Cassation in the Superior Courts Network'', October 11
COURT AWARDS - Amounts: 5,000 eur, 3,000 eur, 2,000 eur (in 2 award categories each) (in total: 20,000 eur)

6 Plexiglas prisms (app. 25 cm (height) x18 cm (width)) on pedestal with a goddess of Justice with the appropriate text were awarded to the best courts in Serbia, supported by World Bank – MDTF, followed by addresses of SCC Acting Chief Justice and World Bank representative Mr. Srđan Svirčev.
21 certificates from high quality cardboard, with the appropriate text and goddess of Justice photo, were awarded to those 21 courts who have contributed particularly to the efficiency of judiciary in Serbia in 2019. Report on the awarded courts (awards and certificates) can be found (only in Serbian) at the SCC’s website:

Two MDTF-JSS Consultants closely cooperated to the SCC Acting Chief Justice during this award ceremony as well as within the rest of the organizational activities, during the overall Conference, as regarding the particular issues described above.