Calendar Updated: May 23, 2016

Procurement & Vacancies

The Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support in Serbia (MDTF-JSS) is executed by the World Bank and all World Bank policies and processes in respect of procurement and financial management apply. All MDTF-JSS procurements will be implemented in accordance with World Bank guidelines. More information on World Bank procurement guidelines can be found here.

Annual progress reports will be submitted to MDTF-JSS donors and an Implementation Completion Report will be submitted within six months of the MDTF-JSS closing date. The Bank’s standard internal controls will be applied and reported to donors. The Bank’s standard audit arrangements will apply and will be provided in the MDTF-JSS documentation.

In order to ensure full transparency and compliance with the World Bank procurement guidelines, all procurement notices will be published in UN Development Business website,major local newspapers, and on this web portal. Please see below for latest procurement notices pertaining to MDTF-JSS activities. If you have questions regarding MDTF-JSS procurement, please get in touch with us through the feedback form on this web portal.