Calendar Updated: January 26, 2023
MDTF Activities > Workshop on Digital Assets Legislation for Public Prosecutors

Workshop on Digital Assets Legislation for Public Prosecutors

The MDTF-JSS in cooperation with the Republic Public Prosecutor Office organized in Belgrade one-day workshop on legislative framework related to the digital assets in Serbia for 30 public prosecutors. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate discussion among public prosecutors, representatives of the National Bank of Serbia, Republic of Serbia Securities Commission and law professors on different aspects of digital assets and competence of different stakeholders in control and monitoring of digital market. Workshop included four panels. First panel covered topics on the international standards and role of the National Bank of Serbia over the digital assets market, including competences related to the Law of prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing in the digital asset area. Second panel was focused on taxation of digital assets, tax treatment of digital assets and business with digital assets (i.e. mining of digital assets, trading of digital assets, use of digital assets in business and for financing purposes). Third panel was related to the use of digital assets for committing criminal acts, including digital assets as proceeds of crime, digital assets as a result of a criminal act and temporary and permanent seizure of digital asset. Attention was on the crimes most commonly associated with digital assets (i.e. money laundering, financing terrorism, illegal trade, human trafficking, frauds, tax evasion, cybercrime). Fourth panel was dedicated to the role of the Republic of Serbia Securities Commission and tokens, especially related to the type and specificities of tokens and use of tokens for money laundering. The workshop was the first activity in this area. It is planned to organize in March and April three workshops in Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac to cover all prosecutor offices across the country.